After 15 Years, I FINALLY Got One

After many years of searching, Cory finally got his bucket list animal – the Fly River turtle or pig-nosed turtle. This protected species hails from Australia and New Guinea and therefore requires a special CITES permit in order to own one. They can grow almost up to 2 feet (60 cm) long in captivity and feed on a diet of fruit, plants, and proteins. Find out what the little turtle’s name is and who his future roommates will be.

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0:00 – Are the Turtles Alive?
0:55 – Our new Fly River Turtles
2:05 – Releasing Dean’s Fly River Turtle
3:38 – Naming the Turtles
4:04 – Dean’s Fly River Turtle
4:59 – Cory’s Fly River Turtle Tank Setup
5:31 – Releasing Cory’s Fly River Turtle
6:01 – Equipment on the Tank
6:16 – Adding Floating Plants
6:30 – Meet Elmer the Fly River Turtle
7:01 – Adding a Piece of Wood
7:51 – Feeding Ladybird the Mbu Puffer Fish
9:45 – Update on the Soft Shell Fly River Turtle
10:05 – Adding Decorations to the Aquarium
13:00 – Feeding Elmer the Turtle

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