Master Breeder Dean Brings Unusual New Fish for the Fish Room!

Master breeder Dean dropped by to bring some fish for Cory, so of course Cory had to return the favor. Hang out with the dynamic duo as they add some unique greenery to the urban fish farm, like mangroves for his ponds and a giant pothos plant for the back wall. Cory also updates us on several of his animals, like Elmer the fly river turtle and the long fin super red plecos.

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – What Fish did Dean Bring?
1:18 – New Aquarium Co-Op Heaters
1:56 – Planting Mangroves in the Fish Room
5:36 – Setting up the Betta Light Art
5:55 – Checking in on Elmer
6:18 – Caves for the Longfin Bristlenose Plecos
6:31 – Melting Aquarium Plants
7:51 – Aquarium Co-Op Specimen Container as a Planter
8:49 – Monstrously Big Pothos Plant
11:27 – Cherry Shrimp for Dean
11:42 – Aquarium Co-Op Fish Net Commercial
12:06 – Catching Cherry Shrimp
13:59 – Hanging out in the Fish Room

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