800 Gallon Puffer Tank Problems – Sick Fish, Algae, and More

Cory discovered that his Mbu puffer Lady Bird had a swollen, infected mouth from a possible cut, so he treated the entire 800-gallon aquarium with erythromycin (also sold as Maracyn). Despite another unexpected power outage, he also upgraded the size of his automatic fish food feeder and added a automatic fertilizer dosing system.
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🛒 Super Feeder auto fish food feeder: https://amzn.to/3thUfBu
🟢 Automatic fertilizer doser: https://geni.us/P1sLizz
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0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Algae in the 800 Gallon Tank
1:39 – Ladybird is Sick
4:13 – Installing an Auto Feeder
9:22 – Medicine is Added to the Water
9:50 – Next Day Update: How is Ladybird Doing?
10:33 – Commercial: Aquascaping Tools at Aquarium Co-Op
11:46 – Day 2: Update on the 800 Gallon Tank
12:40 – Feeding Elmer the Fly River Turtle
13:57 – Plants in the Fish Room
15:44 – Feeding Freshwater Aquarium Fish
16:34 – Power Outage at the Fish Room
19:40 – Installing an Auto Doser on the 800 Gallon

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