How to Water Change Multiple Betta Tanks Quickly | 10 Bettas in 1 tank

Betta Splendens or Fighting Fish are very beautiful fish. I really love them. But they are territorial fish. They must be in separate tanks / containers. If more than 1 male betta fish in 1 container. they will fight and will cause damage to their beautiful fins, and some may die due to body damages. Most of them are very aggressive with sharp teeth.
Yes, they are very beautiful and you will get hooked to them and will probably buy more than 1.
They need clean and fresh water.
But cleaning is a pain. Some betta keepers spend many hours or even half day to completely water change their beloved bettas.
In this video, i will show you how i do water change multiple betta tanks.
around 25 minutes (in real time) to finish all 32 betta tanks.
I hope you will enjoy and may learn something.
I breed bettas since i was a kid.
I went back to this hobby few months ago.
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