Selling Hundreds of Fish – Day in the Life of a Master Breeder!

Let’s follow master breeder Dean for a day as he collects corydoras eggs, shows off his L397 tiger pleco fry, bags a ton of fish to sell at Aquarium Co-Op, and works on a few mystery projects that are coming up.
🐟 No, Dean does not ship his fish, buy you can visit our retail store in Edmonds, WA to buy them. Otherwise, shop for fish online at with the code aquariumcoop to save 5%. (As an affiliate of Aqua Huna, we earn a commission from this link.)

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Cory McElroy is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. He also owns Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Therefore, all content is sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op.

0:00 – In This Episode
0:54 – Floating House Plant
1:17 – New Aquarium Setup
1:52 – Art Work in Dean’s Room
2:40 – Did the Sterbai Corydoras Spawn?
2:55 – Aquarium Background
3:52 – Wild Caught Discus Fish
4:35 – Commercial Time: Wi-Fi Light Timer
7:04 – Pleco Fish on Eggs
7:20 – Feeding Tubifex Cubes
8:22 – Angelfish for the Store
8:56 – Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp Eggs
9:30 – Ricefish Fry and Water Change
12:00 – Sterbai Cory Cat Eggs
12:44 – Tray for Aquarium Fish Fry
16:27 – Brine Shrimp for the Fish Fry
16:58 – Fish Room Walkthrough
17:40 – Baby Pleco Fish
18:03 – Harvesting and Feeding Brine Shrimp
22:54 – Outdoor Fish Ponds
23:11 – Collecting Eggs from the Spawning Mops
24:24 – Dean’s Process for Bagging Fish
34:02 – Delivering Fish at Aquarium Co-Op
35:55 – Beckford’s Pencilfish
37:37 – What’s Cory Bringing Home?
38:38 – The Pencilfish Discussion
39:59 – Checking out the Quarantine Room
40:59 – Loading up Aquariums
41:58 – Aquarium Co-Op Multi Test Strips
42:31 – Collecting Cory Eggs to Hatch
44:05 – Cooking with Master Breeder Dean
46:03 – Questions with Dean
47:18 – Feeding Aquarium Fish

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