These Came in HUGE! Fish Unboxing at Aquarium Co-Op

Robert has been managing things at the warehouse nowadays, but he made a trip back to the Aquarium Co-Op retail store for this special unboxing featuring rare danios. We have orange fin danios, spotted danios, orange fin hill trout, and the mustache danio (or moustached danio). Plus, he dropped some recommendations for good fish to put in a future mini pond this summer, like blue neon tetras, variatus platies, and long fin white cloud mountain minnows.
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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Diamond Discus Fish
1:12 – Blue Neon Guppy Fish
1:44 – Orange Fin Danios
2:23 – Otocinclus
2:41 – Blue Phantom Pleco Fish
3:02 – German Blue Rams
3:22 – Hawaiian Variatus Platies
3:44 – Ember Tetras
4:13 – Cherry Barbs
4:38 – Aquarium Co-Op Test Strips Commercial
5:42 – Long Fin White Cloud Minnows
6:03 – Crimson Loach
6:37 – Clown Killi Fish
7:08 – Red Striped Killi Fish
7:41 – Tire Track Eel
8:14 – Odessa Barbs
8:37 – Orange Fin Hill Trout
9:15 – Marigold Swordtail Fish
9:36 – Rummynose Tetras
10:20 – Moustache Danio Fish

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