20 Questions with Master Breeder Dean

Cory interviews master breed Dean about the last time he skipped a fish feeding, the biggest tank he’s kept, what is his holy grail fish, and more. Stay till the end and see if you agree with Dean’s take on water changes.
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0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Are you the silent business partner of Aquarium Co-Op?
2:10 – How did Cory Meet his silent business partner?
3:34 – Where does Dean get his energy from?
6:11 – When is the last time your fish haven’t eaten for a day?
8:03 – What’s your best tip for someone new to cooking?
9:09 – What got Dean in the culinary field?
11:23 – What’s the largest aquarium you’ve ever kept?
12:02 – How many aquariums have you kept in the living space?
12:20 – Who is the best speaker at a club?
14:08 – Why is it that you still breed fish?
15:38 – Is there a holy grail fish you’re after?
16:35 – What’s your favorite treat?
17:40 – When is a fish room settled?
19:13 – What is something you think everyone else is doing wrong?
21:41 – Do you think social media has been good or bad for the hobby?
24:34 – What’s the most difficult fish you’ve ever worked with?
25:57 – How has online shopping changed your hobby?
26:50 – Do you have to compete with yourself to be a good breeder?
27:58 – Have you ever considered retiring from the hobby?
28:42 – Would you ever consider teaching a class?
29:21 – What’s the most work/effort you’ve done to acquire a fish?
30:22 – How important are local fish stores for the aquarium hobby?
31:48 – Who/What are you jealous of in the hobby?

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