This Fish Room (Almost) Runs Itself!

Dean has been out of town for several weeks because he’s been collecting fish in Peru and helping family members move. Find out how his fish survived, what kind of system he uses for pet sitters, and how his fry raising tray system has evolved over the years.
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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Discus Fish Eggs
0:34 – Dean’s Backstory
1:35 – How Dean’s Fish are Being Fed
2:35 – Lizzie’s Aquascaped Planted Aquarium
3:05 – Fish Dean Brought Back From Peru
4:08 – First Glimpse in the Fish Room
4:43 – Dean’s Fish Fry Trays
5:16 – Baby Discus Fish
6:08 – Rice Fish
6:30 – Electric Current in Fish Tank
7:42 – Leopard Frog Pleco Fish
8:45 – Midnight Black Ram Fish
9:21 – Koi Angelfish, Pleco Fish and a Fancy Shirt
9:45 – How Much Dean Feeds his Aquarium Fish
11:39 – Outdoor Fish Ponds
13:00 – Dean’s Fish Fry System

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