Lost in the Jungle, Searching for Rare Puffer Fish

On Day 2 of collecting fish in the Amazon basin, we found ourselves wading in waist-deep mud at one location and ended up catching a ton of fish via the seine net at another location, such as corydoras, Geophagus cichlids, and whiptail catfish. Every year during Peru’s dry season (roughly May to October), the waterways recede and we found many fish stranded on dry land. On Day 3, we used dip nets to catch squeaking catfish and seine fishing to search for Amazon puffers. Find out who tripped in the water and who got hit by a jumping fish.
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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Traveling to the Fish Collecting Spot
3:26 – Rolling our way Into the Water
4:40 – Catching Wild… TURTLE!
5:17 – Lost in the Peruvian Jungle
7:03 – Back on the Boat
7:44 – Collection Site Number Two
8:24 – Sorting Through our Nets
11:41 – Catching Wild Aquarium Fish
12:00 – Hanging out near the Boat
13:30 – Dried up Puddles of Water
15:26 – Time for Lunch on the Boat
17:05 – Beautiful Sunset View
17:45 – Collecting Wild Aquarium Fish

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