Setting Up A NO CO2, NO Fertilizer, NO filter Planted Betta Tank

I and my family moved back to our home land, the Philippines before the COVID-19 Pandemic locked down the airport and the cities.
All of my bettas and tanks in thailand were given away to my friends.

I started back to zero when we got home.
I was not able to upload new videos for quiet awhile because we are busy renovating the new house that we got.

Well, here we are now! I am happy to upload this first video of betta care, taken from our fish room! ^_^

I set up a planted betta tank with No Fertilizer, No CO2, No Filter.
I bought 3 – 12x12x12 inches (7.5 Gallons) that i got from a seller online.

I also built a 3 layer metal stand for the tanks.
The first metal work that i’ve done in my life! and im very happy with it!
I burned my skin due to the heat of welding. No one told me that i need to wear long sleeves and long pants when welding. So, i burned my skin! Hahahaha!

I may upload the 3 tanks with the stand soon

In this video, i will show you a low cost planted betta tank and i rehomed a very handsome grizzle double tail betta. He is quite large, but not a giant though.
I bought him from a small petstore here.
My brother got a candy koi female, with almost the same color tone of my DT male.
So, i borrowed the female from my brother and planning to breed them in the future.

I love these type of doubletail! Huge dorsal! Thick finnage! and he is quite large!
He doesn’t have a name yet. Will you give him a name?

I am using the Walstad Method of doing this planted tank.

Hoping that the plants will grow and propagate with this set up.

More videos will be uploaded soon.

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