Update on the Fish Room, 2021

Cory has made a LOT of changes to his urban fish farm, especially after collecting fish from Peru. Elmer the pig-nosed turtle has new tank mates, the mini pond totes are filling up with fish, and Lady Bird the Mbu puffer is going to be welcoming additional roommates. Cory also has some thoughts on the future direction of the Aquarium Co-Op channel and closes the video with a heart-to-heart conversation.
🔲 The mini ponds are agriculture totes from https://www.dacocorp.com/containers-totes-bins/bulk-containers/bf-series
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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Elmer the Flying River Turtle’s Tank
2:23 – Indoor Mini Fish Ponds
3:10 – Geophagus Cichlids
3:40 – Albino Kribensis
3:55 – Cardinal Shrimp
5:02 – Blue Spottee Variatus Platies
5:13 – Cupido Cichlids
5:50 – Best Guppies in the World
6:30 – Fish Tank Tour
7:22 – Indoor Pond Tour
8:45 – Ladybird the MBU Puffer Fish
11:37 – Teacup Platy Fish
12:32 – Clown Killi Fish
13:03 – Feeding Mini Musk Turtles
13:25 – Hand Fed Ponds
14:05 – Cool Signs
15:19 – Why I Haven’t Been Around As Much

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