Visiting 3 Tropical Fish Farms in 24 Hours!

Wish you could have attended the American Livebearer Association (ALA) convention in Florida? Join us as we visit four fish farms, collect fish from the local waterways, and meet fans at the convention.
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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Day 1: Fish Farm Tours
0:40 – Jack Wattley Discus
0:57 – Dean’s Experience with Jack Wattley Discus
1:38 – Display Aquarium with Angel Fish
1:57 – Neighborhood Fish Farm
3:41 – Aquarium Fish Art
4:00 – About Neighborhood Fish Farm
4:34 – Petting Dojo Loaches
4:47 – Redland Fish Farm
5:35 – Aquarium Co-Op Meet & Greet
5:49 – Day 2: Fish Collecting
10:17 – It’s Time for a Commercial!
10:27 – Catching Wild Fish in Florida
11:13 – How NOT to Fly a Drone
12:28 – What Did we Catch? 
12:58 – Done With Spot Number One
13:08 – Fish Collecting Spot: Number Two
14:13 – Collecting Fish in the City
15:56 – Day 3: A.L.A. Convention

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