Brand New Fish Arrives! Master Breeder Unboxes His Rare Collection

Master breeder Dean stopped by the store to drop off 9 different fish he has bred, including 2 that Aquarium Co-Op has never sold before (Ancistrus sp. ‘Wabenmuster’ pleco and Turkana jewel cichlid). He also went next door to get an update on the store expansion that Joel has been working on.
NOTE: Dean and Aquarium Co-Op do not ship fish, so visit our retail store in Edmonds, Washington to see fish we have for sale.
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0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Red Koi Angelfish
1:05 – Albino Bristlenose Pleco Fish
1:27 – Orange Medaka Ricefish
1:43 – Platinum Ricefish
2:09 – Leopard Frog Pleco Fish
3:02 – Large Spot L-201 Pleco Fish
3:34 – L-397 Pleco Fish
4:24 – Ancistrus Wabenmuster Pleco Fish
5:16 – Turkana Jewel Cichlids
6:40 – Bringing the Fish to the Store
8:15 – Murphy the Mbu Puffer Fish
8:29 – Shopping at Aquarium Co-Op
9:01 – Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter Commercial
10:09 – Customizing Aquarium Co-Op Sponge Filters
12:23 – Aquarium Co-Op Store Expansion

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