Fish Feeding Frenzy, AMAZING Mollies and Livebearers

Follow me around as I give you an update tour of the urban fish farm and feed all my fish. Lady Bird the Mbu puffer is finally eating, Spoon the black ghost knifefish is digging up plants, and the livebearers are loving all the minerals in my hard water.
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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Feeding Ladybird the Mbu Puffer Fish
1:42 – Algae Issues in the 800 Gallon Aquarium
2:12 – Aquarium Co-Op Studio
2:27 – New Aquarium Setups
5:10 – Spoon the Ghost Knife Fish
5:48 – Molly Aquarium
6:13 – Kribensis Fish Aquarium
7:42 – Guppy Fish Tank
8:35 – Turtle Totes
9:17 – Super Red Bristlenose Plecos
9:41 – Humidity and Temperatures in the Fish Room
11:10 – Fish Pedicure
12:04 – What I Feed my Aquarium Fish
13:43 – Feeding Molly Fish
14:27 – Assorted Guppy Fish
14:46 – Bristlenose Pleco Fish Poop
16:41 – Aquarium Fish Totes
18:23 – How to add Amazon Swords to an Aquarium

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